Waiting Hoping Wishing

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Waiting, Hoping, Wishing has been written as part of the Goodreads M/M Romance groups 2014 Don’t Read In The Closet Event – Love’s Landscapes.

This is the story of best friends Dean and Matt. Friends since childhood, they are close but not as close as Dean would like them to be. When Matt moved to Melbourne with his partner, Dean finally let go of his dream for them to one day be together. But when Matt calls to say his relationship has failed, Dean dares to feel a glimmer of hope. But he needs to overcome his own fears if he is to fight for their happily ever after.

The story was written in response to a photo prompt with a very specific request for a story.  Melanie requested the following “He’s been waiting for that text for more than a week. Please tell us either what happens next or what happened to get him here and whether he frowns or smiles next.”

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It is also  available for download in mobi, ePUB and PDF format from here.

Here is the photo prompt for the story.

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Rainbow Book Reviewsclick here – “endearing romance”

Cover Artist: Meredith Russell

Release Date: 17th July 2014

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