Finding His Place

Finding His Place by Nic StarrBlurb

Sometimes finding your place in the world can lead to love.

Kieran Walters is the illegitimate son of a successful businessman. Despite striving to win his father’s affection, a confrontation that has been years in the making leaves Kieran devastated to realize he will never be good enough. Jealous of the half brother he’s never met, and who most likely doesn’t know of his existence, Kieran vows to find out what makes his brother so special in their father’s eyes.

Darius Jensen manages a nightclub. He loves his job, but is reluctant to commit when given the opportunity to become a partner. His previous foray into business ownership with a boyfriend had disastrous results, and Darius is still paying the price, both financially and emotionally.

When Kieran starts working with Darius at Sparks, Darius shows him it’s not too late for Kieran to realize his dreams—the fulfilling career, a loving family, and someone who loves him for who he is. If only Kieran can convince Darius of the same thing. But before Kieran’s and Darius’s dreams can come true, Kieran needs to come clean with his brother and deal with the resulting fallout… which threatens his relationship with Darius.

This book was originally written as part of the Memories with the Breakfast Club Kindle World

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4 stars from Mari at Bayou Book Junkie

4 stars from Christina at BFD Book Blog

4 stars from Debra at Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews

4 stars from Natalie at Jessie G Books

5 stars from Gabbi at Top2Bottom Reviews

4 stars from Lucy at Hearts On Fire Reviews

4.5 stars from Tammy at Love Bytes Reviews

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Cover Artist: Meredith Russell

Original Release Date: 22nd June 2017

Re-release Date: 22 July 2018 (re-released due to the closing down of the Kindle Worlds program. There are no changes to the text.