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Today I’m visited by Brooke Edwards, a fellow Aussie and gay romance author. Brooke’s latest release is Law and Disorder, and she shares with us some of the behind the scenes when writing this book. There’s also a giveaway of a book to 5 lucky readers who comment on this post (see Brooke’s guest post below for more details on the prize and how to win).

I really enjoyed Law and Disorder. From my perspective, it was like reading an episode of a crime show. James and Derek’s relationship is part of the story, but there’s an ensemble cast of characters, all involved in supporting the MCs and solving the crime.

So over to Brooke…

Law and Disorder Gay Romance from Brooke Edwards

Guest Post

Thanks for having me, Nic! I’m really excited about Law and Disorder, and still haven’t managed to get tired of talking about how much fun this was to write. If it’s something that can hold my interest, research is one of my favourite parts of writing. Luckily for me, I’m yet to get sick of researching all the things I need to know to play in James and Derek’s world. As I’m sure many other writers can attest, the thing that will probably get all of us in trouble is our Google search history. That was so true for this story especially – I messaged a friend out of the blue asking her to make sure to delete my browser history if something happened to me. In true testament to our friendship, she agreed without even asking why. Some of my search tabs were about murder statistics in New York City. One was about the average weight of certain animals at butcher shops. Lots of the research didn’t even make it into the book itself but at the time was absolutely essential to know. I’m a staunch advocate of authenticity, especially in contemporary stories that rely heavily on realism. Luckily for me, that just means I now know a lot more about the psychology of murder than I did before. My research into the legal system makes me think that it’s unlikely saying “I’m a writer” will be successful in court.

Visibility is also a problem as I’m never entirely sure who could be looking over my shoulder at all these Chrome tabs I have open – my writing routine has changed a lot in the last few months, and about 75% of my work gets done while I’m sitting in a coffee shop before the day job demands the rest of my time. I wrote more than ¾ of Law and Disorder sat at the same table watching the sun come up or staring longingly at the cake cabinet and coffee machine, wondering how much coffee is too much and whether I really NEEDED a vanilla slice to take to work with me. (The answers change day to day, usually) It wouldn’t have been hard for someone to sneak a peek. No strangers ever asked to share my table, even when the place was packed, so I think more than one probably would have seen something they wish they hadn’t. People on the bus don’t care, even if their eyesight is good enough to catch exactly what you’re looking at. It’s survival of the fittest there during peak hour and if you’re brave enough to look at someone’s phone or Kindle then you deserve whatever you see.

I started working on the sequel while it was with my editor, and spent a truly excessive amount of time Google-Mapping the East River trying to figure out the most logical place for investigators to pull up a body where they could congregate and sass each other a little. It probably didn’t look too suspicious, but if they were close enough to hear me mumbling to myself “Why are there no docks? You’ve got to be kidding me, how is anyone going to spot a body floating from there at dawn?” it could have been a different matter. Hopefully the coffee shop staff don’t get too many complaints about the crazy girl sitting near the door with her laptop, talking to herself and possibly plotting a crime. It takes too long to get settled in a place and they’ve got my coffee order just how I like it!


I have e-copies of Mens Rea, the prequel short to Law and Disorder, for 5 lucky readers who comment with something they’ve had to research that could have been taken out of context. Let’s share some of that strange, obscure knowledge!

Entries close midnight 15th October (Sydney time).


James Carter and Derek Moore fought their way through attraction and misunderstandings to get to where they are today. Sure, they’re still figuring out how to make things work between their careers and families, but their whole world is rose-tinted with the glow of new love.

Reality hits with the force of a speeding truck when a criminal starts waging a campaign of terror against the justice system. Suddenly law enforcement officers and lawyers all across the city are living in fear as their careers put them right in the cross-hairs of a deranged killer and James and Derek’s honeymoon period falls to ruins.

With James’s protectiveness driving a wedge between them and Derek pulling away as the target on his back grows even bigger, their future is thrown into jeopardy. While Derek struggles with demons from his past, it’s up to James to catch the killer and put them back on the path to their happily ever after.

This is the sequel to ‘Mens Rea’, published in the 2015 Dreamspinner Press Daily Dose Anthology.

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Law and Disorder by Brooke Edwards

About the author

Author, dreamer, fangirl and foodie – twenty-something Brooke Edwards will always call Australia home no matter where the wanderlust takes her. She’s bounced from history and linguistics to criminology and psychology and even gone as far as nutrition and sports science. Making ends meet through a similarly wide variety of jobs from education, retail, fitness, hospitality and finance means she never has any shortage of inspiration for characters or their adventures. Writing, closely followed by the culinary arts, has been her longest-running and most consistent passion and her greatest dream would be to one day not have to do anything else but write. Until then, you can probably find her at the closest espresso machine.

Social media & contact links


Twitter: @brookeedwardsau

Instagram: @brookeedwardsauthor





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Tweet: Brand new #gayromance crime/mystery novel. Law and Disorder by @brookeedwardsau #mmromance 💕👬📕


2 thoughts on “FRIEND FRIDAY: Law and Disorder by Brooke Edwards #gayromance #FriendlyFriday @brookeedwardsau

  1. I am not really sure anything to bad. Maybe asexual and demisexual as i wasn’t sure what they actually mean. Book sounds wonderful and a new author to boot. Can’t wait to read this

  2. As a librarian (retired) of 40 years experience, there have been moments, but I think it was when things changed to keyword searching that has generated so many, almost daily, OMG I can’t type/search that moments.

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