My Obsession

Like many of the people I now find myself calling friends, and maybe like you too, I discovered the world of m/m romance by accident. Always a huge reader, devouring books by the hundreds each year, a whole new world opened up when I discovered stories involving two men. Oh My God! The things I had been missing out on  – the heartbreak, the passion, the sexiness!

I tried to recall the first m/m romance I read but it’s hard to narrow down to just one. I can tell you that I read books (and whole series) by the following authors in the first month of discovering m/m – Piper Vaughn, KA Mitchell, Anne Tenino, Amy Lane, Tere Michaels, Kele Moon, Damon Suede, Harper Fox, Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban, NR Walker, Con Riley, Chris Owen, JL Merrow –  these are the authors and books that kindled and fed my addiction.

Imagine combining discovering a new genre with being part of an online group of people who LOVED to chat about these books, share reviews, provide recommendations and encourage even more reading and the outcome was obvious – I developed a habit that bordered on obsession – according to my kids at least!

So a big heart-felt thank you to the people who were posting about these wonderful books – I’m so glad you shared the secret!

So why do I say it’s an obsession? Since I started reading purely m/m from about September 2012, I have read over 975 books – okay, so some are novellas and there are a some short stories thrown in but that’s a lot of books! The good news is that it’s not as expensive as a shoe obsession although my bank account feels it every month!

But more than the books and their wonderful stories, I discovered a world of readers and reviewers and authors. People who are passionate about their genre and passionate about supporting the things close to their hearts. Yes, there is the obvious support of gay rights but I have seen support across a broad range of topics. A couple of recent issues include supporting anti-bullying, to promoting awareness of autism, to supporting each other (do check out the wonderful Grand Adventures anthology if you haven’t already.)

So my m/m journey started with reading, evolved to discussing the books with others, grew to including reviewing on a blog and finally to trying my hand at writing. It has been a fabulous adventure and I am sure things are just about to get more exciting!
I hope you’ll follow my blog and share my adventure with me.

Lots of love,

Because Two Men Are Better Than One!



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