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Welcome to the website and blog of gay romance author, Nic Starr. Here you will find details of all my books, plus a whole lot of other information to do with my writing including my blog.

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One weekend away will change everything. 

At twenty-five, Jeff Wilder is dissatisfied with city life and unsure of his future direction. The only thing he really cares about is his monthly visit to his grandfather in the country.

His exact opposite, Danny Amaro is an artist and a free spirit. He believes in taking chances and living life to the full. Over one weekend, Danny gives Jeff a glimpse of what life could be like if he opens himself to change.

Can a new friend, shared passion, and marmalade, be the ingredients to set Jeff in a new direction?


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6 thoughts on “Welcome to the blog of Nic Starr!

  1. I am up at 4:30 am Eastern time in the USA and finished reading Waiting Hoping Wishing. A fantastic story in all aspects. Matt Dean are great characters and the story line flowed very nicely. I had tears in my eyes at the end of the story because I was so happy to see them together as a couple after so many years have passed. Is it possible we as readers will get to read further adventures with Matt and Dean? Again thanks for a wonderful tale and I will definitely read your other books.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know how much you enjoyed the book. At this stage, I’m not planning on writing more about Matt and Dean, but I have had multiple requests to provide Justin’s story and give him his happy ending. I don’t have a date for this but it is something I am looking at. You’ll probably get a sneak peak at how Dean and Matt are doing in that book. ❤

    • Hi there,

      I feel exactly the same way about this book. I also had tears in my eyes at the end and had to wipe it away! I also hope for a follow up on their story!

  2. Just read the heroes series. Can I just say that you have made it to my favorite authors list. So well written and entertaining. I could not put them down. I read them back to back. I cannot wait until the third book!

  3. I just finished Anthony’s Promise and I absolutely loved it!! Very well written and will be one I will reread A LOT! I was wondering when the story of Patrick and Simon will be out? I am so intrigued on how you left it I would love to read their story. Thank you again!

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